The Unica Mala: A Bespoke Spiritual Tool

At 108 Center, our Unica Mala service goes beyond the traditional mala. It’s not just about beads on a string; it’s about crafting a deeply personal tool for mindfulness and spiritual growth. Our Unica Malas are designed exclusively for you, integrating your unique astrological blueprint and personal preferences to create a mala that resonates with your individual journey.Why Your Unica Mala Stands Out:

  • Astrologically Aligned: Tailored to your astrological signature, each mala aligns with your personal celestial influences.
  • Custom Energy: Select materials and gemstones that match your energy needs and aesthetic, making your mala uniquely yours.
  • Intentionally Crafted: Hand-knotted with care, each bead is a testament to your path towards self-discovery and spiritual alignment.
  • Ready for a mala that mirrors your personal path? Order your Unica Mala today.
  • [Discover Your Unica Mala]-link to order form 
  • Step into 108 Center, where every bead helps bring you closer to your essence, crafted with intention for your spiritual journey.
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